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      Welcome to Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
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      Welcome to Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
      Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, specializing in the manufacturing of precision transmission system gearbox. To provide customers with customized service of transmission scheme design and parts production and assembly.  
      Since its establishment, large science and technology enterprises have been growing steadily under the business philosophy of "accumulating virtue, keeping integrity; being dedicated and sincere; creating a Chinese brand and building a century old technological enterprise". And gradually expand the application scope of motor gearbox, including intelligent communication, intelligent robots, intelligent home appliances, office equipment, intelligent medical care, intelligent security, etc...

      Our aim: to guarantee users with excellent products, reasonable prices and perfect services
      Intelligent robotIntelligent robotAutomobileAutomobileLocksLocksPersonal carePersonal careHousehold Electric AppliancesHousehold Electric AppliancesIntelligent communicationIntelligent communication
      Provide customers with customized transmission solutions.
      Including smart communication, smart robots, smart appliances, office equipment, smart medical, smart security, etc.
      EnterpriseOver 5,000 in 2020
      Total salesYear 100 million RMB
      CertificationPossessing many national invention patents
      Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.     Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.       Shenzhen Dake Motor Co., Ltd.
      Contact Us
      Sales line:0755-29622909  
      Contacts:Wang Qingde 13670088005  

                        Zhou Jin 13510273074 

      Address: No. 325, Shangshijia Road, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen    

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      • 0755-29622909
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